Signs Point to Payment Platform Launch

Mike Germano of Carrot Creative posted a tweet earlier today that mentioned he was getting an SSL version of Facebook showing up. Why would Facebook need and SSL version of their site up and running? Technically they don’t currently but with the impending launch of the Facebook payment platform (which many are speculating will launch at f8), it makes sense that Facebook would be testing out their new payment platform.

Joshua Backer posted the following image of his Flock browser displaying the SSL version of Facebook:

So is it now official that Facebook is about to launch their payment platform? Not yet but it definitely is one little hint that the platform could be launching soon. Now all that’s left is an iPhone application platform for Facebook apps. Any chance that it will be released at the f8 event? Possibly. I’ve definitely been speculating about it so we’ll see what happens! Also thanks to Jason Beckerman who was in the room when this was found.  He would also love if you follow him on Twitter.

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