Signs of the Apocalypse

ABC’s Jake Tapper, who continues to pen the most engaging and oddly addictive reporter blog out there, is this week answering questions from schoolchildren. A sampling:

Because of the many natural disasters around the world, some people are saying that this may be the apocalypse. What are your thoughts? (Alexis)

That would be very scary, but until I see a three-headed dog coming down the middle of the street, I’ll hold off on thinking that.

Will you come to our school to visit? (Gabi)

Maybe. Will you bake me some oatmeal cookies?

Have you ever considered another job/career? (Greg)

Yes, because this job can be very frustrating sometimes. But covering the news is fundamentally what I love doing, and what occupies my time when I’m not working, so reporting and journalism is the profession for me, for better or for worse.

He also talks about hurricanes, Harriet Miers (or, as he calls her, “HARRIET, SWEET HARRIET, HARD-HEARTED HARBINGER OF HAGGIS”), and some of the famous people he’s met on the job.