Signal Patterns Bets Business on Personality Tests

Last week there was a fair amount of buzz about a new application that launched on Facebook called Signal Patterns. The application is essentially an advanced personality test. So advanced that it took me a good hour to complete the test so I definitely don’t recommend this application for anybody that has attention deficit disorder. 100 questions later I had my personality figured out and I have to say that it’s pretty accurate.

Apparently I am assertive, efficient, innovative, extroverted and organized. While I’m not sure that I needed a personality test to tell me that about myself, it’s nice to have my thoughts on myself validated. The other features of this application is the ability to see what friends you are like and what other people on Facebook are like you. You can also contrast your personality traits against others which is interesting to read.

I think that this personality test does a great job and highly recommend checking it out. I think the next step for this application is to build it into a dating application, matching individuals up with compatible personality traits. Aside from that, I’m not sure how this application will attract people back on a regular basis. If you want to find out more about your personality, check out the Signal Patterns Facebook application.