Sign Contracts Online, Goodbye Lawyers!

Fresh out of private beta and planning to spread across the globe is Tractis, a Web site that allows you to “sign” legally-binding contracts online – without a lawyer.Whether you’re selling that fourth generation iPod on eBay or signing a long-term freelance agreement, Tractis facilitates the process by organizing the involved parties and walking them through the process.

If things go south, they also offer conflict resolution and micro-insurance services – covering everyone’s bases.

tractisYou’re probably wondering where the language for these contracts comes from. Much like a Scribd or docstoc, contracts are templates submitted by other Tractis users. These documents are then open to edit, rate and comment on, ensuring that the cream rises to the top.

Creating or editing a Tractis contract is intuitive, using tools you’ll be familiar with from other Web-based word processors. However, if you already have a hard copy of a contract you’d like to use you’re out of luck. There’s currently no upload or scan feature.

Businesses can customize their profile page with a company logo and color scheme, giving the overall experience a professional feel that meshes well with existing Web sites.

Create a group for your biz or just join a group of with companies you conduct business with.

Don’t throw away that pen and paper yet – or remove your lawyer from the payroll. The site, while out of private beta, is only officially launched in Spain. Also, they still have some digital certificate issues to work out. However, the future looks bright for the electronic-contract-signing space.

And we’ll sign on the dotted line on that one!