Sight: Save Articles to Read Later Using Screenshots

sight 650

Web-clipping app Sight has launched for readers on iOS, allowing users to snap screenshots of articles they’d like to read, but just don’t have time to at the moment. Instead of bookmarking articles, or copying and pasting URLs, the app analyzes screenshots to pull in the original articles, in their entirety, from the original web sources.

screen1136x1136Sight offers a few options when reading articles, like swapping between article and full website view, as well as customizing text size, screen brightness or swapping between day or nighttime reading modes. When an article is finished, it can be saved to read again later, or deleted to free up space in the queue.

Outside of screenshots, users can still manually import articles via pasting links. This counts for screenshots as well, if the app doesn’t import one automatically.

Articles are available for offline reading, with ads removed, and with images optimized for the size of their device’s screen. A simple social feature allows users to track their most “sighted” article, and see how their own taste in articles matches current trends (or not).

Sight was developed by Landscape Mobile, which has closed a $1.85 million round of seed funding from IDG Capital Partners.

“When the demand of easier mobile navigation meets image technology, a new product called Sight is born. Unlike any other application, Sight uses images to lead to a destination, to complete a task, and to reach out to the larger mobile web beyond what’s currently in front of you,” said Landscape Mobile CEO Yue Zhuge.

“With the first version of Sight, you can take a quick screenshot of a piece of an article and be able to retrieve the entire content, save and view it in a better format for reading. With Sight, collecting articles on the mobile web is like a true collecting act, with no interruptions of the current flow. The cross-app process is easy and effortless.”

Sight is available to download for free on iOS. So far, the app only supports articles in English.