Sigh… Paula Deen Is Coming Back to TV

She's got stuff to sell, in case you're interested.

via Twitter

Today is the premiere day for Paula Deen’s official return to television. Paula Deen’s Kitchen will make its debut on EVine Live, a station you probably haven’t added to your list of channel favorites. The network used to be ShopHQ, and the show will basically be three hours of Deen selling stuff to TV shoppers. Viewers will also be able to ask questions through Google Hangouts.

Deen has kept a low profile since her culinary empire imploded in 2013 under the weight of lawsuits, admissions of the use of racial slurs and allegations of other discriminatory words and behavior. Once the face of a company that boasted restaurants, TV shows, books and products that sold like the buttery buttery hotcakes she no doubt included among her list of recipes, she’s now relegated to a C-list channel to push her wares.

Lately, she’s been keeping up appearances with guest spots on Vh1 and the Dr. Oz Show. Last year, she also launched the Paula Deen Digital Network, according to HuffPost Live.

Many people predicted that Deen would eventually make a comeback, despite the horrible downfall. A couple of years have passed and certainly there are some people who are ready to forgive.

But we’re dealing with some very heavy racial issues in this country at the moment, from racist chants at fraternities to continued deadly force at the hands of the police. Deen’s use of the N-word and other offenses are still too toxic for many companies to go near.

That she still has a career at all in the public spotlight is an accomplishment. While she’ll probably never reach the heights she once did — particularly now that eating habits and tastes have turned away from the high-calorie foods she favors — Deen will always linger.

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