Sigh of Relief for the Media Industry…Cheating Students Want to Pursue Government Jobs

This just in…if you’re in school and you’re cheating, the media doesn’t have a spot for you. You know what vocation does?

Per researchers from Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania, there’s room in the government.

Yes, we’re completely poking fun here so please don’t take this too seriously and second, this is based on a real study! In the experiment, 662 students in India were given several tasks to perform which ended up being predictors of corrupt behavior by government officials.

Taking that one step further, they were less likely to showcase social behavior or even behavior that would benefit others.

After being told the higher numbers rolled on a pair of dice would equate to higher payments, researchers concluded more than one-third of participants reported abnormally high numbers. When government nurses rolled the dice, cheating wasn’t as prevalent although absenteeism was a lot higher.

Researchers concluded that dishonest individuals prefer to enter government service. Rema Hanna, associate professor at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, stated in the published study: “If people have the view that jobs in government are corrupt, people who are honest might not want to get into that system.”