Sift secures $1.5 million in funding, brings its shopping app to iPhone

Image via Sift
Image via Sift

Sift has announced new features for its shopping app on iOS, while also announcing it has secured an additional $1.5 million in funding in a round led by DN Capital. The Sift app sorts through users’ inboxes and organizes shopping emails in a “catalog-like” shopping experience.

Originally released on iPad late last year, Sift is now available on iPhone, and it comes with new features. Shopping Circles, for instance, allows users to find gifts for specific people in their lives, from significant others to children or friends. Once a user creates their own “Shopping Fingerprint” of recommendations and items within the app, others can simply tap on them to view custom recommendations and virtual wishlists.

[contextly_sidebar id=”5e81fcefc33545ff5f53ba8819280536″]While the app can be used without an email connection, it’s designed to help users find great items in email newsletters or circulars, which might otherwise become hidden in the general clutter of an inbox.

In addition to a user’s email newsletters, Sift also allows shoppers to follow stores from within the app. There are more than 3,000 stores available, from brick-and-mortar retailers like Ace Hardware and Aeropostale, to online shops like Etsy. The app displays products and store promotions, and allows users to further tailor their experience by “loving” certain items in each store.

Sift’s new round of funding joins the $540,000 Angel round Sift raised last year. DN Capital, Tandem Capital, Social Internet Fund and more participated in the $1.5 million round, which will help Sift continue to grow its platform.

“As the holidays approach, we’re excited to bridge the gap between consumers and retailers and provide an even more compelling shopping experience that makes buying gifts for friends and family effortless,” said Sift co-founder Saurin Shah, in a company statement. “Last year alone we Sifted through 5 million marketing emails, and we can’t wait to see this number continue to grow as we welcome on new users to our iPhone app.”

Sift is now available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.