THR Real Estate Reporter Rings Up Memorable Lede

TheKingandIYulBrynnerBefore joining The Hollywood Reporter, Daniel Miller covered real estate for the Los Angeles Business Journal. It’s a beat he knows well, from Scientology historic to Brentwood garish.

This week, thanks to realtor Russ Filice, Miller was able to construct a most colorful opening paragraph. For an article, “Sierra Towers: The Secrets of L.A.’s Strange, Sexy Celebrity Condo Building,” that also reminds just how slickly Janice Min has revamped the once staid trade:

One day in the early 2000s, Filice gave a tour to Eddie Fisher, the former teen idol and singer, and his daughters  Tricia Leigh Fisher and Joely Fisher. The late entertainer’s brood wanted him to move into the 31-story West Hollywood high-rise, and the visit brought back memories for Fisher, former husband to both Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor, then in his 70s.

“When we were touring him with his daughters, he said, ‘Oh, I used to party here all the time with Yul Brynner, doing cocaine.’ And they said, ‘We know, Dad, we know,’ ” Filice recalls. “I thought, ‘How interesting.’ If these walls could talk.”

Note the blasé reaction of Fisher’s daughters. For Hollywood rich kids, a story involving an Academy Award winner and the powdery stuff is nothing more than one of those irritating anecdotes Dad keeps insisting on retelling. Hilarious.

Photo courtesy: 20th Century Fox