Sideloading Still Common For Mobile Music

MocoNews is reporting that the most common method of getting music onto a phone is sideloading. It accounted for 83 percent of mobile music usage across France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States in November according to M:Metrics.

“Sideloading” is an industry-insider term for what most people do every day with their iPods and cell phones. It means copying music tracks from a computer to a mobile device, as opposed to buying and downloading music wirelessly straight onto the devices themselves (such as with Verizon V CAST Music).

Significantly, according to the report, the “US [also] had a far lower percentage of people listening to mobile music at 5.7 percent of mobile users, compared to 20 percent in Spain and 18.9 percent in the UK, however because of the size of the market it beat all the EU countries in absolute numbers (12.4 million).”

83 Percent Of Mobile Music Sideloaded: Report [MocoNews]