Sidecar App Lets You Share Data While Talking On The Phone

FaceTime is cool, but there is a new iOS and Android app available that includes a way to let smartphone users “See What I See.” Sidecar lets people on cell phones make calls and share what they are seeing through a video feed on the front side of the phone. Using the app, people can also share photos, maps, and location details while still talking on the phone. You can even send text during the phone call. We’ve embedded the company’s demo video from YouTube above, so that you can check it out.

Here is more about the app from its listing in Google Play: “Sidecar allows people to make phone calls and share live See What I See video, brilliant photos, contact details, and location information while they talk. Calls between Sidecar users are free anywhere in the world. Sidecar users can also call anyone in the US or Canada for free, even if the recipient of the call does not have the app.” (Via Wired.)