Sick of Kaavya? Not Me!

The latest attack on poor accused plagiarist Kaavya appears in today’s New York Times. Shame on you, journalists. This girl has suffered enough.

We know, for we have memory problems of our own. We have registered our protest on GalleyCat today. Here’s how it begins:

I feel sorry for Kaavya Viswanathan, who was unfairly accused of copying entire sections of another author’s work. Kaavya blames her photographic memory for the mistakes and I believe her.

I, too, suffer from a form of selective memory. Where Kaavya’s condition forces her to mentally photocopy paragraphs from other novels into her own writings, my mind snatches up and appropriates others’ life experiences, inserting them into my own. In his latest book, The Woman Who Mistook Others For Herself, Oliver Sacks calls this action “Memory Mirroring.” I am his primary subject, and I hope he finds a cure for this fast, because I hate being someone else so much of the time

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