SI Swimsuit Issue Features its First Plus-Size Model [Updated]

It's not what you're thinking


Sports Illustrated is getting a lot of praise today for featuring plus-size model Ashley Graham in its upcoming Swimsuit Issue. Unfortunately, Graham — who has appeared in Elle, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar and more — isn’t part of SI’s actual issue, she’s in an ad.

Graham is the star of an ad for online swimwear retailer SwimsuitsForAll. While she looks great, let’s not act like this is some grand gesture from SI. They got paid for this, and so they are publishing it.

Let’s save the accolades for SI when it features a plus-size (also known as normal size) model on its Swimsuit Issue cover. That will be something worth celebrating.

Update 2/6 (8:30 am):
There is a plus-size model in the issue. Robin Lawley, a 25-year-old Australian, is featured in the Rookies section. Maybe SI is making progress after all.