Si Newhouse: Extreme Zoom!

newhouse small.jpgNot too long ago, we told you about Si Newhouse’s sharp eye for kerning (and horse tack) as revealed in a New York Times profile of the magazine magnate, and while Lacie Argyle‘s graphic of Newhouse was featured prominently on the front page of the Sunday business section, readers may have missed the fact that it was comprised of 1,551 Condé Nast-published magazine covers. Fear not, UnBeige readers, for Argyle (a.k.a. Jennifer Daniel) has provided us a link to the extreme zoom version of her graphic (once it has downloaded, click to enlarge and find your favorite covers).

“In this particular case we didn’t have an opportunity to shoot Si Newhouse, so all I had were a few snapshots of him at parties,” Daniel tells us. “By themselves none were strong enough to make the feature art, so that’s how this was born.” As for tracking down all those cover images, she says that they were pooled from a collection of about 3,000 that she found online. And the collaging? “I used a photo mosaic application that I imagine a lot of people use to make desktop wallpapers or Christmas cards with.” Condé Nast needn’t look any further for its 2008 holiday card image (just don’t forget the festive magnifying glass).