SI Gets ‘Barroid’ Book Exclusive, Continues Streak of Sports Drug Coverage

There’s a part of us that doesn’t understand how magazines still break news (How Vanity Fair was able to keep the now-infamous Lindsay Lohan drug-use interview under wraps for five-plus months comes to recent mind.) But some still do. Others get book excerpts to break news for them. Sports Illustrated, which does plenty of both, has the exclusive excerpt from an upcoming book on the worst-kept secret in baseball: San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds … (drumroll) … did steroids. The issue hits stands tomorrow; the book is out at the end of the month, and by that time WFAN will have exhausted the topic to the point of nausea.

What’s more interesting to us, though, is SI managing editor Terry McDonell‘s editor’s note, which outlines the magazine’s long history of breaking drug-related sports stories. And even more fascinating is the gallery of SI drug covers, which gives us perhaps the first and last reason to type “Brian Bosworth” on this blog.

Bonds Exposed [SI]

Continue on to see the aforementioned covers, and a Boz-worthy haircut of yesteryear.