Accused of Plagiarizing Fake Blog Post’s Ian Thomsen recently “borrowed” a paragraph of a P. Diddy interview from a post written by AOL Fanhouse blogger Miss Gossip. So what? Mainstream writers borrow, beg and steal from blogs all the time, right? True, except this particular interview happened to be totally, 100 percent fake. Miss Gossip made up the entire thing, even posting a disclaimer at the bottom: “Editor’s note: the preceding conversation may have taken place in Miss Gossip’s imagination only.”

Another AOL Fanhouser, The Hype, called Thomsen on his mistake, posting a screenshot of the original article that has now been edited. Thomsen apologized to the fans and Diddy, but neglected to mention Gossip.

For those in mainstream media, here’s a handy help guide for crediting all us bloggers correctly.


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