Shyp: The Easiest Way to Pack and Send Packages in San Francisco

For the low price of $5, San Franciscans can now send any items without the pains of packing and waiting in line. This option comes from Shyp, a new mobile shipment company that alleviates annoying shipment of packages and gifts by doing the hard part – everything.

All you have to do is snap a photo of the item(s) to be sent, select how soon you’ll want it to deliver, and Shyp will come to your home to retrieve the item, take it to their warehouse for packaging and eventual distribution. Shyp automatically chooses a shipping service – UPSm USPS, and FEDEX. The company calculates the cheapest and fastest provider according to your specifications.

You can also use Shype to expedite your returns:

With the app, just take a picture of the item, enter the return address, and a Shyp Hero will come pick up the item for you. Returns are handled just like other shipments – if you send a return in addition to another shipment, your five dollar pickup fee is waived. You can choose to email the label and packing slip to us or just print the label and packing slip and hand it to your Shyp Hero with the item. We’ll take it from here.