Shutter Rugs: Karastan Challenges Students to Rug Photo Contest

After 80 years selling rugs, innovation can be difficult, but Karastan is looking to make a statement with its new marketing campaign (cleverly themed “Make a Statement”), and so they challenged students at a handful of art and photography schools nationwide to get out their cameras and start snapping rugs—Karastan rugs, of course, in three specified settings: a residential/home environment, a public place, and an “American” setting. While the scare quotes around “American” seem an invitation to hijinks, the students were up to the task, and the Karastan Rug-ged America Photo Contest is now asking you to help choose the winners. Through July 15, visitors to the contest website can select favorites in each of the three categories. The winning schools (one in each category) will be awarded $3,500 in cash. And of course, all participating schools get a free rug. We’ve posted a few standout contest photos after the jump, including the Magritte-means-Tony Soprano “American” environment created by students at Maine Photographic Workshops.

Top: Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography (Erdenheim, PA)
Middle: Maine Photographic Workshops (Rockport, ME)
Bottom: Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)