Shut Your Jedi Mouth, It’s Easy to Name a New Agency

Starting a new PR agency is hard.  It’s expensive, risky and you have to decide whether or not to put your name on the door, or go with something that conveys how you do things differently from the thousands of other agencies equipped with an espresso machine, lucite cubicles, and a Wii.  But what?

AdAge has a solution, the Agency Name Generator.  It’s for ultra digital interactive firms, but for the low, low price of absolutely nothing, it works for PR firm naming too.  Some of our favorites include:

  • Jedi Mouth
  • Factory Aluminum Foil
  • Ancient Revolution
  • Collective Killers
  • Dirty Muscle
  • Crispy New Baby
  • Houndstooth Forest

For back stories on notable firms including SapientNitro, Zaaz, Digitaria, Ignited and more, check out AdAge‘s companion piece on the subject of naming.