Twitter Doesn’t Want Companies Reporting Its User Numbers

Twitter Doesn't Want Companies Reporting Its User Numbers

Twitter has apparently been shutting down companies that access its API to publish the size of Twitter’s user-base.

Business Insider reports that multiple developers have been shut down by Twitter, ostensibly because they reported on how many users the social network has.

Being notoriously tight-lipped about its user numbers pre-IPO, it’s no surprise that Twitter would want to reign in speculation about how many users it actually has now that it’s a publicly traded company. After all, as we’ve said before, all that matters to many investors is how many users Twitter has.

Business Insider reports that one developer said that “they shut me down last Friday night after the market closed.”

And another developer, Twopcharts, is currently displaying the following message on their website:

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 5.32.41 PM

Twopcharts has been reporting on Twitter user-base numbers since at least May 2011 right up until earlier this year when they reported that only 40 percent of new Twitter users send a single tweet.

Twitter announced that it had 218 million active users in its October 2013 IPO filing, a number which went up to 255 million in Q1 2014.

(Source: Business Insider; Stop image via Shutterstock)