Shuster, Ifill, Taylor Weigh In On “Imus” … Sort Of

We’ve been keeping a tally of which 2007 Imus guests will go back on Don Imus’ program when it returns. Out of the previous D.C.-based guests on Imus’ program in 2007, we’ve heard back from Howard Fineman, Craig Crawford, Chris Wallace, Chris Matthews, Ana Marie Cox and David Gregory.

Three more have gotten back to us:

Gwen Ifill: “I have no thoughts.”

David Shuster: “I subscribe to the Howard Fineman way of thinking about this — I will follow company policy. However, I don’t know what NBC/MSNBC policy is and I haven’t asked yet. So, I don’t know.”

Stuart Taylor, Jr.: “If Imus calls, which he has not done in several years, I expect that I would say I’d be glad to go on, but with the understanding that I might say that those of us who are critical of the excesses of racial victimology need to be especially careful to avoid anything close to a racial slur or racist remark. The reasons are to avoid any insult to African-Americans as a group and to avoid giving openings to those who are quick to charge ‘racial insensitivity’ to divert attention from the important issues of race in this country. I feel especially strongly about these dangers given that my recent book happens to focus on an episode in which white Duke lacrosse players – who are good guys — were victims of lying and character assassination by a mob including many black (as well as many white) abusers of power.

We’ll let you know when we hear from the rest of Imus’ 2007 DC guests.