Shuster: Exonerated?

FishbowlDC hears that Scripps Howard has a piece set for publication tomorrow detailing how, despite MSNBC’s David Shuster’s Wednesday apology (first reported by FishbowlDC here and here) that he mistakenly accused Rep. Marsha Blackburn of failing to know the identity of the last person from her district to die in Iraq, Jeremy Bohannon was in fact from Blackburn’s district, exonerating Shuster from any error.


Questions for tomorrow: Why did MSNBC rush Shuster to apologize? And, more importantly, who made him do so? Or did Shuster and MSNBC just not have the info (or didn’t do the research) that Scripps dug up?

Either way this is an interesting ‘Right-Wrong-Right’ back and forth not frequently seen and certainly shows the potential pitfalls of our instant news cycle.

>UPDATE: The story continues to evolve. TVNewser posts a note, regarding Bohannon’s death, from the U.S. Army addressed to Rep. Tanner’s district.

Does Scripps Howard still have a way to explain this away? Or will the Scripps piece not totally exonerate Shuster? Or — more shocking still — did the U.S. Army get it wrong? (read: doubtful)

UPDATE: Are we missing the point here? Conservatives are arguing that Shuster pulled a fast one on Blackburn and would not do the same to a Democrat. No one knows the answer to that hypothetical. But what we do know is this: Whether or not Bohannon is or isn’t from Blackburn’s district, the fact remains that Blackburn failed to recall the name of the last person to die in Iraq from her district. Big Bad Liberal Media conspiracies aside, Blackburn failed that basic test.