Shuffle at WaPo Style

In an internal memo, WaPo shuffled Style around naming Rich Leiby Sunday and pop culture editor, “reeling” Scott Vogel from the Travel section and adding WaPo Mag’s Sydney Trent and her new feature, “The Read.” If you’re interested, the very long memo after the jump.

We’re pleased to announce some changes to the Style team, including the formation of a formidable new arts editing team:

First, Rich Leiby will become Sunday and pop culture editor. His creative energy and ingenuity will enliven our movie and television coverage. As we all know, Rich is equally at home as a reporter and editor. Since he joined The Post in 1991, he has written compellingly on the most eclectic subjects you can imagine: psychedelic-rock figures, Oprah, Obama, Valerie Plame, Iraq, fringe religious groups, Waco, Comedy Central, terrorists, Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon, books, movies and television. He’s also edited Sunday Arts and later the Sunday Style sections, and was the Reliable Source. In short, he can do everything-so we’re putting him in position to do everything.

Next, we’re extremely fortunate to have reeled in Scott Vogel from the Travel section. With his deep knowledge and passion for the arts, he will direct coverage of theater, visual arts and museums and work closely with Rich and Joe Heim (about whom more below) to produce an exciting Sunday section and drive our daily arts coverage. Scott, who has a degree in cinema and television from New York University, has studied theater and is a playwright whose works have been produced off-off-Broadway. He’s been an arts editor at the New York Times Web site, was an arts and feature writer at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, and was founding editor of Portland Monthly magazine, the top-selling newsstand title in Oregon. He came to the Post in 2005 as a Weekend assignment editor in charge of theater, dance, movies, classical music and opera. Scott has many visionary ideas to bring to Style, all guided by what he says is his “belief in the primacy of intelligence.” He will join us on Monday, July 27.

Joe Heim will continue to edit classical and pop music coverage, as well as dance, and will play a strong role in helping Rich and Scott to guide our arts coverage. With his wicked sense humor, Joe is responsible for many of our most inventive takes on culture, and can ably expand the meaning of that word. Joe will write on a subject of his heart’s desire at least once a month.

As mentioned in an earlier memo, Sydney Trent will join the Style gang as narrative editor, standing guard over the storytelling and yarns for which Style has long been known. Sydney has been helping writers elevate and craft compelling long-form reads for seven years at the Post’s well-regarded magazine. She’ll now help guide those stories to Style in the form of a new feature called “The Read,” and to A1 and the magazine. In addition, she will be Style’s morning watchdog, monitoring the Web and blogs and launching live daily coverage. She will run the 10:30 daily brainstorming session, a nexus for idea generation already. A seasoned manager, she will help Lynn and Ned supervise the department. She starts on Aug. 5.

Please join us in congratulating this team on their new assignments.

Raju Lynn Ned