Shrekster Offers a Social Networking Site for TheatreOgres

Call it a spoof of Friendster, a take on Facebook, or simply a fan site for the huge green ogre we all know as Shrek, but Shrekstre is certainly a fun community for what they call as theater ogres or theatre fans. Shrekster which just launched recently, was created in line with the opening of Shrek the Musical at the Broadway Theatre. By its name alone, you might think the Shrekster is a prank being pulled on social networking sites, but in reality it is by all means a full-featured social networking site.

According to Shrekster, it is an online social network that lets theatre fans to connect with and learn about fellow theatre and Shrek fans, create photo profile of themselves no matter how ogre-looking they are, interact with other theater fans regardless of where they are and join and create friend groups and participate in various fun quizzes – all related to theatre and the Shrek story of course.

Technically, the site is oozing with Shreks slimmy green color and quite surprisingly the green color looks refreshing. And if you’re prepared to meet a diverse group of theatre fans which can range from

  • fairy tale characters
  • freaks
  • democrats
  • republicans
  • members of the Gingerbread House and Senate
  • Princesses

Honestly, I like the way Shrekster is treating the whole social networking thingie in a seriously not-so serious way. Yes, it is a social networking site, no doubt about that but there’s something in to it that says, “hey common folks we’re just having fun here.”

Anyway, joining Shrekster is as FREE as WISHING ON A STAR or EATING SOMEONE ELSE’S PORRIDGE!