Showtime Turns to Social Media to Build Emmy Hype

Don’t know why they’re just figuring this out now, but cable network Showtime has announced plans to use Facebook and Twitter to help create Emmy buzz for their programming.

“Through social networking, we can now inform and communicate with awards voters instantly, providing them with valuable information that will provide easy access to Showtime programming in a user-friendly environment,” Richard Licata, executive vp of corporate communications, told The Hollywood Reporter. “Whether it’s a tweet about our streaming site and the availability of a new episode or a reminder that a balloting deadline is approaching, the pages will help you stay connected.”

More from THR:

Using the name “SHOgold,” the pages will be promoted throughout the year via the network’s more traditional print, online and DVD award campaigns.

At this year’s Golden Globes, Showtime had the most series wins of any network and later celebrated its first SAG Award. Last year, Showtime extended Emmy campaigning to portable devices, offering original series through mobile networks.