Showcase your Climbing Conquest via Climbclips

climbclips.jpgIf you are a climber, whether you love conquering walls, mountains or steep ridges and cliffs, wouldn’t it be great if you can share video clips of your quests to everyone? Yeah, we know there’s YouTube, but its already got a gazillion of videos in its database and there’s no guarantee that your climbing video would be noticed by anyone. So, why not use a specific video uploading site made specifically to feature climbers and their climbing conquest? Try Climbclips.

Climbclips aims to be your central hub for climbing videso whether shot professionally or even by budding videographers, like us. The site provides a web video player, a social networking platform and a social networking community – all with the common love and interest for climbing.

Climbclips video players offers a similar YouTube-like experience when viewing your climbing videos. You can upload up to 30omb of video size, embed your videos on your own webpate, share video to a friend, full screen playback and video categories.

At the Climbclips’ site you can sort, rate and view videos by category, chat with other users, use tagclouds, search videos and stay updated on the latest development via the Climbclips blog.

And of course, we wouldn’t be featuring Climbclips if it doesn’t have one feature that’s worthy of a Rotorblog coverage – social networking. At Climbclips you can customize your own profile with avatar pic, colors and more, meet new friends, send email messages, form groups and sign a guest book of other members.