Show That Reporter’s Backbone, Hm?

From Poynter’s Ask The Recruiter live chat yesterday, some tips about getting interviews when you can’t even get a response from the hiring manager.

The resident recruiting experts at Poynter were agreed—even when it says “no phone calls,” those rules don’t apply to you! You’re a journalist! Actually, sitting back and following the rules is, as many of you have pointed out, a ticket to No-ResponseVille.

Joe Grimm says that it’s important to work your network and see if someone you know knows the hiring manager, failing that, find a connection who works there, period. “Actually knowing someone at the place where you have applied can help. I have had fellow staffers come to me ans ask where so-and-so’s application stands and that can break loose a logjam.”
Colleen Eddy adds to “know the hiring manager/recruiter is busy and that a courteous persistence with the question, ‘I don’t want to be a nuisance, but this job is important to me,’ can by pass the “no response.”

The bottom line, from the final question of the chat:
“If you know who the hiring manager is and this is a journalism position, I would contact them directly. I never understood the concept that journalists should not make contact.”

Anyone had success with the aggressive—but not confrontational—method?