ShoutEm Launches Loyalty App Builder for Small Business Owners

Mobile app development company ShoutEm has officially introduced its Loyalty App Builder, which aims to help brick-and-mortar small business owners capitalize on the value of repeat customers by helping them create mobile customer loyalty programs for their guests. This announcement comes alongside the company’s recent survey results, which show only 30 percent of small business owners have created loyalty programs to keep their customers coming back.

Using the Loyalty App Builder, companies can customize their branded apps across iOS and Android devices, specifying points levels for rewards, the actual rewards users will receive, and more. The apps can then be used to target customers with real-time promotions, which includes support for iBeacon technology and push notifications. Each app can also include social media features that allow users to spread the word about their favorite local stores and increase word-of-mouth for those businesses.

The platform’s analytics allow companies to track user engagement, store visits and walk-ins, and the purchase history of users, among other data.

While stores can use the Loyalty App Builder to create their own, standalone apps, groups of businesses can also partner on a larger scale, all within a single app, to encourage users to visit multiple stores within the same general neighborhood in the real world.

“Powerful mobile loyalty programs like those developed by Starbucks and Target could only previously be afforded by larger enterprises with massive tech resources,” said ShoutEm CEO, Viktor Marohnić, in a statement. “For the past four years, ShoutEm has been working to bring that kind of user experience and opportunity directly to small business owners and help change the way that they use mobile to drive customer engagement and develop revenue. The launch of our Loyalty App Builder signifies a first for small business owners, from access to a fully independent app experience to complete and total control over the data they collect from customers. In this age of big data and customer segmentation, this is the competitive edge small business owners need to understand their clients and get ahead.”

ShoutEm’s survey, conducted in October 2014, found more than 80 percent of small business owners consider their repeat customers to be more valuable than first-time visitors. In addition, these returning customers were found to comprise 56 percent of the revenue of these businesses. Of those companies who do already have a customer loyalty program, nearly half are still using paper punch cards and have yet to adopt a mobile program.

More information on the Loyalty App Builder is available here.