Shouldn’t it be “American Dreamzzzzz?”

If you’re like me, you probably thought the spelling of “American Dreamz” with a “z” at the end was either a typo by a retarded marketing executive that has become too embarassing/expensive to fix or else a vain attempt by writer/director Chris WeitZ to brand all of his films.

But at a recent session with New York reporters, WeitZ finally revealed the answer behind his film’s idiosyncratic spelling:

“In cartoons, when someone is sleeping, they’ll have a ‘Z-z-z-z’ in a bubble and so the theme of this was whether our dreams actually make us narcotized to reality,” Weitz told reporters in New York recently.

OK, first of all, if you’re dreaming, then aren’t you already asleep? And even if you see the title and assume it’s just a metaphorical dream, are you really likely to get the reference when you see the “z?” In order for it to make sense, wouldn’t the title really have to be “American Dreamzzzz?”

On the other hand, I at least admire WeitZ for attempting some subtlety in the title. While I have no idea if the movie’s good, the trailers complete with a snarky British host, a clueless president, and arab terrorists who like to blow things up make clear this isn’t social criticism with hard-to-identify targets.