Should Your Office Dress Up for Halloween?

Who is a big fan of Halloween? Here at MediaJobsDaily we absolutely adore this holiday! What’s not to love? Seriously.

Well, when it comes to the office, Halloween could bring its fair share of dilemmas. For instance, in today’s New York Post, one reader indicated that he or she wants to be a fun boss since the staff wants everyone to get decked out into costumes.

As for media HR executive Gregory Giangrande’s take on it? He advised the manager to just say no.

In the column, he writes:

“People don’t know how to dress for summer Fridays, and so you know some idiot in accounting will get his freak on and think showing up as the Times Square Naked Cowboy is funny. All you need to do is serve spiked punch, and you’ve got the makings of an October office freak show — perhaps second only to that annual career-killer called the holiday party! Do your staff a favor: Save them from themselves, and tell them they each can bring a treat to share instead — or let them out early to join the Village Halloween Parade.”

So, the next time your office or even your department thinks it’s a good idea, concoct another way to celebrate the holiday without letting things get out of hand with costumes.

If you’re completely convinced dressing up is a good idea, you can always put forth an outline of acceptable versus unacceptable gear. But something tells us similar to casual Fridays, there will always be one or two bad apples in the bunch.