Should YOU Be Using Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s a little over five years since Twitter first opened its doors to an unsuspected public back in July 2006, but in that time the network has accomplished some pretty amazing things.

The growth alone is impressive enough – Twitter has accumulated more than 100 million monthly active users and has around 300 million registered profiles – but more impressively is how Twitter has so effortless integrated itself into the world around us, becoming an important part of the everyday lives and working environments of brands and employees, friends and families.

But, despite this spectacular rise, you might be struggling to figure Twitter out, or may still be on the fence about signing up. Is Twitter right for you, or your business? How are you supposed to tell?

This handy flowchart from Flowtown might just help you decide.

(Source: Flowtown. Top image credit: LVector via Shutterstock.)