Should You Use Pinterest to Showcase Your Portfolio?

By now we all know how important it is to have a consistent and professional presence on LinkedIn and Facebook but with the rapid growth of Pinterest, experts are saying it’s important to build your portfolio there as well.

And by experts we mean recruiters! According to a recent post on ERE, Dr. John Sullivan writes, “Many users use it to show off their work, so recruiters can use it to spot great designers.”

Considering the site’s demographics lend themselves well to “targeting women or young people as recruiting prospects,” Dr. Sullivan mentions companies are getting on board on using Pinterest for recruiting. Since it’s such a visual platform, in particular graphic designers may bode well by pinning their own work to get noticed.

Plus, recruiters may start using it more frequently to post screen grabs of job announcements. Given his advice to fellow recruiters, it seems we should all lend an ear by what they’re doing, yes?

In the piece he wrote, “Make your pictures easy to find by including the most popular keywords and hashtags. You should also include QR codes and links to your careers page or your LinkedIn profile if you want to communicate directly with interesting prospects. And don’t forget the important benefit that your brand image will likely improve because you’re using this hot app.”