Should You Reveal Your Pregnancy During a Job Interview? Experts Weigh In

baby bumpIf you’re sporting a baby bump, congratulations!

And if you’re interviewing for a job while you’re pregnant, you may be wondering if you should disclose your pregnancy to potential employers.

According to employment attorney Donna Ballman on AOL Jobs, you shouldn’t disclose it while you’re searching for a new role.

“My best advice is to not disclose your pregnancy while job hunting. If you’re showing, then you may have to say something, but otherwise don’t disclose until you get a firm job offer.

If they rescind the offer or fire you once they find out you’re pregnant, then you may have a pregnancy discrimination case. Once you get the job, then you can – when you are about to start showing – disclose and start talking to them about maternity leave.”

Keep in mind you won’t qualify for Family and Medical leave unless you’ve worked at the employer for at least one year.

Back to the job interview: considering the employer wants to likely focus on retention, although they can’t predict it, they’d like to think the money they’re investing in you as a new hire. In terms of technology as well as training, is well spent.

Per the piece, career coach Roy Cohen explains: “One of the biggest concerns is that you will start a job and then disappear.”

Alleviate their concerns by pointing out how the role and the organization fit into your long-term career goals. Emphasize your goals and repeat them if necessary as to how working for this employer fits into the longevity of your career path.