Should You Pursue J-School if Your Career is Stalling?

media-fieldsA piece in today’s New York Post got us thinking.

That is, a reader asked for advice by mentioning he or she has been passed over a few times for a promotion and “yet no one at work complains about my work performance.”

The reader contemplated getting a master’s degree to potentially accelerate career growth.

Here’s the thing — going back to school, of course, is an investment in money and time as well. Will your employer truly value the degree? Is it necessary to complete the job or will it make you overqualified? Will the degree position you for a promotion whether it’s journalism school, a master’s degree or another program?

The key is to do some digging before you commit to a program. Gregory Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, writes in his column: “First, you need to establish exactly how your employer views your performance and potential. Then find out what they need to see you demonstrate for you to be considered for growth.”

It can literally start with a simple conversation with your boss. Talk to influential people who know your work history. He adds, “It’s the only way to know for sure what’s going on and figure out the right plan to achieve your goals.”