Should You Blog While Jobseeking?

According to marketer Mark Schaefer, yes. He lists seven reasons why a blog will help you in your job search.

Blogging while job-searching will:

  • Show what you’re made of. In any interview, you normally have to try to convince people that you know what you know.
  • Build a professional network.
  • Engag[e] versus advertis[e].
  • [Serve as a] point of differentiation.
  • Sharpen your professional skills.
  • Expand your reach.
  • Extend the interview. Here is the last thing you say to your interviewer: “I’ve enjoyed our time together but there is so much more I could tell you about my abilities. I hope you’ll take a look at my blog (the web address is on my resume) so you can see for yourself the way I think about things.”
  • And you know what? They’ll do it. You have just extended your interview by another 15-30 minutes and that may make all the difference!

Yes x 7.

But here’s the rub: what do you blog about? An unemployment blog (this particular example chosen randomly) seems to work for some people but we don’t recommend you do it. An industry blog makes more sense.

We suspect, however, that the blog that will make you most impressive in the eyes of an employer is one with quietly compelling content that shows not just how you think about things but provides solutions. So instead of just blogging about the latest social media scandal, offer tips for what the brand should have done instead. Instead of pointing out that Pinterest is gaining popularity with journalists, provide new ideas for other ways journos can use the site.

In other words…yeah, you’re giving it away for free.

But employers want to see solutions to problems and creativity. Show them that on your blog and you’re that much closer to landing your dream job.