Should We Give Google+ Another Chance?

Maybe the shine has worn off Google+ or perhaps not enough people I know use it — seems hard to believe with a reported 40 million users — but for whatever reason, I’m not logging on anymore. I’m not the only one. The company’s earnest attempts to change that are heartening, however, and got me to thinking: Perhaps we should all give Google+ another try? 

After its immensely popular invite-only launch this summer, the social network seems to be losing steam. While it has millions of users, the UK’s The Daily Mail reported that since Sept. 20, when Google+ opened to the public, traffic nosedived by 60 percent. That’s not good news for Google.

In what was clearly an attempt to win back favor with disillusioned users, Google announced a slew of new additions to Google+.

“We think Google+ should get better every time you use it,” wrote Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior vice president of engineering. “It’s not enough to obsess over community feedback (which we do); we also need to surprise and delight you with constant improvements… .”

Perhaps what garnered the most praise was the company’s decision to let Google Apps customers access Google+. Other new features include a snazzy new photo editing kit; “Ripples,” a way for users to see how posts spread through the network; and What’s Hot, a place where you can see what other Google+ participants are discussing. (For more details, read the blog post.)

The newest additions have been receiving decent feedback. Rick Empson of TechCrunch called them “great enhancements to the Google+ platform.”

These changes seem promising and put Google+ back on my radar again. Let’s give the site one more shot. It is, after all, an alternative to Facebook.

Are you tempted to go back to Google+ after hearing about its new features or are you done with it? If not, what would lure you back?