Phil Roberston Ensures That Duck Dynasty Continues to Make Headlines


Phil Robertson, the well-coiffed patriarch of the Duck Dynasty empire, has made quite the name for himself when it comes to bellowing his opinions about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. His latest opinions, shared with Sean Hannity on FOX News, may be his greatest hit yet.

Hannity’s discussion strayed from duck-calling accouterments to American foreign policy, because when you need a source for a nonsensical political diatribe, who better than a famously outspoken reality star? That’s when Robertson said this:

“In this case, you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible,” Robertson explained to Hannity. “I’m just saying convert them or kill them — one or the other.”

And the Church said “Amen”?

Robertson’s solution of “convert or die” was reminiscent of the ultimatum that Islamic State militants gave to Christians, Yazidis, and other minority religious sects who live in their new “caliphate.”

Comparing ISIS militants to “street thugs on steroids,” Robertson elaborated (and ensured that bloggers everywhere will continue paying attention to both his show and Hannity’s):

“I’d much rather have a Bible study with all of them and show them the error of their ways and point them to Jesus Christ,” Robertson said. “However, if it’s a gunfight and a gunfight alone, if that’s what they’re looking for, me personally, I am prepared for either one.”

Here’s the video, which we’re sure has made its way to the Situation Room already.

A&E can issue all the statements they want, but we think they’re secretly grateful for this bearded gift that just won’t stop giving.