Should the Mets Hire Howard Rubenstein?


New York sports writers are fuming that Mets manager Willie Randolph and two other coaches were fired at 3:14am Eastern Time last night, after a game with the Anaheim Angels.

Everyone knows Randolph was going to get canned eventually, in fact the press had been calling for it for quite some time. However, reporters expected to at least get a chance to question management about the decision. That opportunity they did not get, and who knows when they will.

Over at the O’Dwyer PR Blog, Kevin McCauley makes the point that the Mets need better PR and should hire local legend Howard Rubenstein, who has repped the Yankees for years. McCauley believes Rubenstein, “would have urged the Wilpons to take the heat via a Shea Stadium press conference.” He adds, “The Mets could sure use Rubenstein’s counsel, especially with Citi Field opening next year and a new manager in charge.”

Whether or not Howard would consider the job is anyone’s guess, (we’re guessing he won’t) but it’s an interesting thought nonetheless.