Should Tech-Detox Hotels Include eReaders?

A trend is emerging at hotels across the nation, in which technology junkies can check in to hotels for a break from their gadgets. In exchange for checking their cellphones, laptops, iPads and even eReaders at the door, hotels will provide non-gadget related entertainment such as hikes, spa treatments and board games.

The Wall Street Journal explains more: “Typically, they ask travelers to surrender their electronic devices upon check-in. In return, concierges provide them with old-fashioned diversions, from board games to literary classics. (Most, but not all, also yank TV sets and telephones from ‘detox’ rooms.) The programs are tied to Americans’ seeming inability to detach their eyes and ears from their cellphones, e-readers, tablets and laptops—even when on vacation.”

The idea of not checking email and not working sounds like a great way to relax, but should eReaders really be included on the list of gadgets to get away from? Shouldn’t books –either print or electronic–be part of an unplugged relaxing weekend?