Should Page Six-Attacking Radar Disclose Its Relationship With Ron Burkle?

hard-to-kill-radar.jpgThat’s what some gossip-tinged media insiders in New York are wondering, after Maer Roshan‘s third incarnation of Radar spent the past couple days pounding Page Six.

As Eat The Press’ Rachel Sklar deftly explains:

Both items mentioned Jared Paul Stern, the former Page Sixer who this spring was alleged to have attempted to blackmail supermarket magnate Ron Burkle. That’s the same Ron Burkle who has been alleged to be a part-owner of — wait for it — Radar. In March, before the Page Six scandal broke, the rumor surfaced on Women’s Wear Daily that Ron Burkle and Yusef Jackson were in talks to fund the then-defunct magazine (broken, in a poetic twist, by then-WWDers Sara James and Jeff Bercovici, the now-Radar staffer who wrote both the above-linked items). Jackson did indeed go on to fund Radar, and has specifically not confirmed (but not denied) that Burkle is involved (“I don’t discuss my investor group,” he told the Chicago Tribune, even though everyone else does: both the Trib and the NYT mentioned Burkle and Yousef’s partnership in making a play for the Chicago Sun-Times in 2004). Radar editor Maer Roshan would not so confirm, either, saying “To my knowledge, Yusef has not publically named any other investors in this venture, but your question about Ron Burkle’s involvement is best addressed to him.”


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