Should Kurtz Not Have Done Dozier Interview?

The NYT’s Jacques Steinberg looks into Howard Kurtz’s Sunday interview on CNN with Kimberly Dozier (Kurtz told viewers “I should mention that my wife has done some promotion work for Kim Dozier’s book.”):

    The interview represented another complicated tangle in the complex world of Mr. Kurtz. He is paid by two of the nation’s largest media entities — The Washington Post Company, which employs him as a media reporter, and Time Warner, which owns CNN — to cover the doings at their news organizations, and those at their competitors’. But several media ethicists interviewed in recent days said that, given the financial arrangement between Ms. Dozier’s publisher, Meredith Books, and Ms. Annis, Mr. Kurtz should not have done this particular interview at all. (Ms. Annis said she was actually paid by a subcontractor hired by Meredith.)

    “CNN has a lot of great journalists there,” said Thomas Huang, an ethics and diversity fellow at the Poynter Institute, a journalism training center, who is on leave as an assistant managing editor at The Dallas Morning News. “Why have Howard Kurtz do it, given his indirect relationship with Kim Dozier through his wife?”

We don’t always see what the big deal is with Kurtz’s two hats (WaPo/CNN), even when we read such cross-pollinating sentences as this one (which Kurtz wrote in the WaPo last week), which just sorta make you feel weird inside:

    In an interview airing tomorrow on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” director Jay Roach tells me of the invented Klain dialogue…

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Should Howard Kurtz have conducted the Kimberly Dozier interview?
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Of course, what we found really eye-raising about the interview, was not the disclosure at the end, but the scene of Kurtz jogging in Georgetown with Dozier:

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