Should Google Start Paying for News Content?

Everyone who reads this blog knows that the question of how the newspaper industry can be saved (also known as, ‘Is print dead?’) is pretty much the only conversation happening these days. And at the rate things are going it’s a question that needs to be answered sooner than later — one imagines paid content, at least where newspapers are concerned, is very much in our future. Over at The Daily Beast Peter Osnos thinks Google should be first in line when it comes to coughing up dollars for content.

With the print newspaper and magazine business model irreversibly in decline, these enterprises have to start demanding payment for use of their material, or they will disappear. And no one delivers more of that content online than Google does…but getting Google (and its smaller competitors) to share revenue with creators of content would be a money stream that essentially does not now exist. This is obviously not a solution to the whole problem, but every penny counts, and there are a lot of them out there that are not being shared.

What say you readers?

Should Google be paying for newspaper content?
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