Should Facebook add a ‘Call’ CTA button on mobile ads?


Facebook has been adding call to action buttons, including a way for page owners to have one in their cover photo area, but there’s one call-to-action option that could be huge for mobile advertisers: Call.

Eric Holmen, the President of Invoca, feels that adding a call CTA button would be a huge help for direct response mobile advertisers. Holmen pointed out that businesses such as health and auto insurance providers reaping the most value from a call CTA button on mobile.

As Custom Audiences grows into a more mature offering, businesses could target ads based on phone numbers gathered in current lists. For instance, insurance providers could target ads to current customers who need to renew their plan, offering them a special rate. Holmen discussed the implications of a call CTA button on mobile ads:

Facebook is having a lot of success with call to action. If you look at the larger story on Facebook’s platform, they’re helping advertisers get more efficiency through call-to-action. … They’re also allowing targeting based on phone numbers, so if you have a customer list that has phone numbers or email addresses, you can upload that and target ads based on existing customers. Those phone numbers are already part of the identification. They’re testing click-to-call technology, in a very small scale, as part of their ad platform. So you can see these things lining up.

However, this potential addition does have some drawbacks. Holmen admits that it businesses would have to have a dedicated call center, and it might be difficult to track which calls came directly from Facebook ads.

It might not also gain as much traction as advertisers hope. A recent study by AdRoll shows that even though the most-used CTA button by advertisers is the very direct Shop Now (74 percent), most people preferred to take action on something more lightweight: Learn More.

Holmen talked about the difficulties that could come with a direct calling CTA button on mobile:

It’s going to be difficult for Facebook, because when they do roll it out, the click to call is going to have someone calling. Facebook will get credit for initializing that call. But on the advertiser’s side, when they get a call at the call center, they’re going to have to track that call back to Facebook and see if it converted. Otherwise, they’re not going to know that the ad is performing.

As a large amount of commerce still happens, in part, over the phone, some kind of call now CTA could be helpful for advertisers — if done properly.

Readers: Do you think Facebook should have this CTA option for mobile ads?

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