Should Barnes & Noble Include Sample Chapters In Free NOOKbooks?

This afternoon, I was browsing Barnes & Noble’s Free NOOKbooks section, looking for potential free eBooks to feature in our regular Free eBook of the Day column, when I noticed that B&N had a bunch of best selling titles listed in this section. After trying to figure out if they were running some kind of short term promotion, I realized that these books, were not really being offered for free, but instead had a sample chapter available for free.

While, I fully support sample chapters, I think that it is confusing for B&N to list these in their free eBooks section. I think free eBooks should be reserved for books and short stories that are entirely free, like they are on Amazon and Borders. Perhaps B&N should introduce a section on their site for free sample chapters. It would be a great place for publishers to promote new books and for consumers to sample new books and decide which ones they’d like to buy.

What do you think?