Should AT&T be Afraid of Verizon Selling the iPhone? You Bet!

Typical AT&T Wireless Signal Strength on my iPhone 3G
While reading through this New York Times article…
Why AT&T Wants to Keep the iPhone Away From Verizon
…I asked myself: Would I switch from AT&T Wireless to Verizon Wireless if Verizon sold the iPhone too? I’m not a fan of Verizon Wireless. But, after looking at the signal strength indicator on my iPhone 3G, my answer was: “In a heartbeat”. FYI: This signal strength issue is not limited to the iPhone. AT&T’s Samsung Blackjack Windows Mobile smartphone doesn’t have any signal in my area either.
BTW, note that the signal indicator to the right of the “No Service” text is my WiFi connection. It is the only way I can get email and use other network enabled apps on the iPhone 3G while at home.