Should Amazon Buy The USPS? Quora Users Discuss

Should Amazon Buy the USPS? According to a discussion among Quora users, No. An anonymous poster asked this question on social networking site, and more than a dozen people have shared their opinions on the subject. Most commenters think that it is a bad idea. Here are some of their reasons why:

Marc Bodnick writes: “Wow – no way. Would be a massive distraction trying to integrate, fix, and privatize the Post Office. Amazon has so many growth opportunities and so many things going for it; it’s really unimaginable that they would think it a good use of management time to work on a project like this.”

Venkatesh Rao writes: “A public postal service is sort of like an Internet for Atoms. It should remain a commons for the same reasons that Net Neutrality (modulo various complicated technical considerations and confusions and de facto non-neutralities) is a good philosophical goal.”

Anzi Ryal writes: “I see it being far more likely that Amazon would buy a company like Staples which already has a product distribution system in place and would offer product pick up rather than home delivery. That’s a far more efficient system for Amazon, with the addition of some additional product available at the end of the line.”

Mildred Lewis writes: “I wouldn’t want a private company handling voter information, confidential correspondence or selective service registration. There are really good reasons that governments control the postal service.”

Matt Wasserman: “Amazon’s main warehouse is already the second busiest FedEx depot in the world. It would make more sense for them to buy FedEx than to buy the USPS and try to migrate over. Probably cheaper when all costs are factored in.”

Brenda Ferguson-Calloway writes: “Sure, that would eliminate so many financial problems that the USPS is having. The USPS keeps raising postage by one or two cents. I think Amazon could be the answer to the problem!”

What do you think?