Should a Global Three-Day Workweek Become the Norm?

vacayWealthy business tycoon, Carlos Slim of Mexico, recently proposed having a three-day workweek while he attended a business conference in Paraguay, as per a piece in The Washington Post. Mentioning this new concept could underscore modern realities.

Consider this: Retirement isn’t exactly going to be 50 or even 60 and it’s not unheard of to be working until 70 or more. As we live longer, we’re working harder but is harder necessarily better? Per the piece, a few charts have indicated productivity plummets when you exceed working a certain number of hires. As companies tighten their headcounts and consequently their budgets, they’re squeezing more and more out of workers and in some cases, getting less and less.

Working fewer days of the week may equate to actually pursuing that dream of yours to write a novel or create a fulfilling side gig.Slim mentioned, “Having four days [off] would be very important to generate new entertainment activities and other ways of being occupied.”
In turn, even if the four-day weekend resulted in more opportunities to soak in entertainment, that would certainly be a way to stimulate the economy with boosted ticket sales.

Of course, you want to prove your role is indispensible to your employer but even if there’s the option for an occasional three-day workweek, maybe the other days will be over the top productive? And wouldn’t being well rested on those days off create bursts of productivity when you returned to the office on Monday morning?

Hmmm, just some food for thought. What do you think about a four-day weekend? Should everyone institute this concept? Or maybe departments should rotate it so everyone isn’t out of the office at the same time? Weigh in below!