Shots Fired, Book Delayed

What’s behind the delay of “Shots Fired: Sam Francis On Americas Culture War“? The book is listed on to have been published in March of this year, but remains “currently unavailable.” The book’s website says “Summer 2006.”

You’ll recall that Francis, who served as a Washington Times editorial page writer/deputy editor/acting editor, passed away last year. To say that his views were oftentimes controversial is like saying that K-Fed is oftentimes awful. (He called Brown v. Board of Education “the most dangerous and destructive Supreme Court decision in American history.” At the time of Francis’ death, then-Washington Examiner Editorial Page Editor David Mastio memorialized Francis thusly: “In reality, Sam Francis was merely a racist and doesn’t deserve to be remembered as anything less.” Ouch.)

On this promotional page, Francis’ book (foreword by Pat Buchanan, afterword by Joe Sobran and edited with an introduction by Peter Gemma) is given advance praise by Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Wayne Lutton, Virginia Abernethy and Washington Times managing editor Fran Coombs (who calls Francis “the voice of the Founding Fathers speaking down through the ages.” Hmm…the managing editor saying that about someone The Washington Times fired?).