Shortlist for Brit Insurance Designs of the Year Announced


‘Tis the season for the shortlist for the Design Museum‘s annual Brit Insurance Designs of the Year Awards to be unveiled, as they were yesterday. Per usual, it’s a long list, filling up seven categories (architecture, fashion, furniture, graphics, interactive, product and transport) with often more than ten nominees in each. No huge surprises, as the list contains lots of the items and buildings and designers everyone has been talking about over the last year. The Burj Khalifa is there, first-year award-winner Yves Behar is up in a couple of different categories (furniture and twice for product), and you’ll also find Apple‘s iPad, Dyson‘s fan, and even the game Angry Birds, which seems to have captivated the world and is confusing to people like us who haven’t ever seen the thing in action. The most interesting sections wind up being fashion, graphics, and transport, those categories that you might not immediately know the pieces, assuming, well, you don’t work in fashion, graphics, or transport. On another note, as a nice nod, we were particularly happy to see Ben de Lisi‘s Universal Gown made the cut, given that it was a commission from the UK’s Design Council, which certainly had a rough go of it in 2010. Winners will be announced in each category, as well as a single grand prize recipient, on March 15.