Shopzilla acquires Zappli, aims to make mobile checkout faster

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Shopping website portal Shopzilla has acquired Zappli, developer of iOS app myShopanion and mobile checkout experience InstaBuy. As reported by TechCrunch, the companies have yet to disclose any deal terms.

InstaBuy officially launched last fall and provides mobile shoppers a way to store their credit card, billing and shipping information to be used across any mobile application. The technology was first introduced in the myShopanion app which allowed users to shop from a number of retailers including Walmart, Kohl’s and Best Buy.

Originally intended to be a strategic partnership, the entire Zappli team will join Shopzilla, which hosts offices in San Francisco and Southeast Asia. Zappli will hold a significant impact on the future of Shopzilla. CEO and co-founder, Philippe Suchet, will be brought on as the Chief Strategy Officer of Shopzilla, Inc. and CTO and co-founder, Chandra Siva, will lead key technology initiatives at Shopzilla. Though Zappli will remain in operation, its user community will eventually be transitioned to Shopzilla properties.

With this move, Shopzilla is investing in the technology which drives Zappli. It also looks to introduce mobile and desktop apps that compare prices among different retailers as well as minimize the flow of checkout. Shopzilla’s main goal is to make purchasing as easy as possible which will help increase conversions and ROI.

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